Seelz NFT Collection on NFTz is a DeSo marketplace and community that aims to pave the way to seamlessly blend NFTs with Web3 services.  

With highly customizable no-code creator options, integration with real-time insights, and a mechanism for enabling social interactions within the NFT space, NFTz is a platform built for the future.  

Our objective is to make minting, collecting, trading, presenting and interacting with NFTs in both the traditional digital world and the metaverse as simple, as social, as safe, and as easy as can be.

The Seelz Island Collective on DiamondApp

Seelz Island Collective was born from Disruptepreneur Fund on DeSo Protocol, a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to scale decentralized social applications to one billion users. Disruptepreneur, also known as Jeremy Gardner is a long-time blockchain OG having started Augur Project and BEN (Blockchain Education Network). 'SirGuy' operates as his digital pseudonym in the web3 space, and Seelz Island Collective was created as a 'beta' vehicle to explore the web3 space from all points of view.

We are Investors, Collectors, VC Fund Managers, and NFT Collection Founders.

The Seelz Island Collective has been an influential entity within the Deso Protocol for about 550 days [Year to Date]. Our accolades range from becoming the first NFT Collection to offer the 'Post2Earn Concept with DeSocialWorld, our partner platform). In order to retain users and onboard many others to DeSo Protocol, we have utilized our web2 resources/social media outlets, as well as becoming the first NFT Collective to offer Profile Picture Staking Rewards!

We have also pioneered many Application built on the DeSo Protocol such as the DAODAO Platform, DAODAO is a Web3 social platform that allows you to start, fund, and trade the Next Big Thing.Imagine Reddit + Kickstarter + Coinbase.